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Advocare V16 Energy Drink


  • Serves as a caffeine-free source of energy
  • Supports and maintains energy levels
  • Helps the body adapt to stress
  • Contains adaptogens that support increased availability of oxygen to cellular processes
  • Rich in 13 vitamins
  • Helps the body perform at optimal levels


  1. Someone who has difficulty keeping energy levels up
  2. Someone who is sensitive to caffeine
  3. Someone looking for improved general health
  4. Someone looking for an edge in your sport or exercise program


To achieve and maintain peak performance and health, we need sustained and focused energy. Poor diet, lack of physical activity and the demands of a stress-filled lifestyle can drain our energy contribute to weight gain and lead to a variety of negative physical conditions. Maintaining energy levels and mental clarity throughout the day has become an increasingly difficult challenge. Frequently when we are stressed, pressed for time and feeling low on energy, it’s easy to turn to beverages like soda and coffee that are filled with “empty calories” with too much sugar and caffeine. While these drinks do provide the short burst of energy we want, it doesn’t last long and often results in a rebound effect later that contributes to general malaise. These drinks typically offer almost no nutritional value, meaning we might fill our body two to three times a day with drinks that fall short of providing us the sound nutrition our body craves. In addition to this unsatisfactory approach, some people find that they are either sensitive to the effects of caffeine or they need to limit how much caffeine they consume. In such cases, an energy drink that is caffeine-free but still effective and healthy is needed.

THE SOLUTION: V16® Energy Drink
V16 Energy Drink is a unique combination of adaptogens, nutrients and a balanced blend of B vitamins in a caffeine-free, effervescent drink designed to provide quick energy and mental focus.* Because of its comprehensive formula, V16 Energy Drink is an excellent solution for energy, stress and core nutrition.* The B vitamins in V16 provide long-lasting energy by supporting and enhancing the body’s natural energy production abilities.* The body looks to carbohydrates, protein and fat as energy sources, and B vitamins such as vitamin B-12, vitamin B-6 and thiamine help improve the body’s ability to gain energy from each source.* V16 Energy Drink also includes unique adaptogens that help increase the body’s resistance to stress as well as facilitate oxygen transport, increase endurance and support energy.* These adaptogens make V16 Energy Drink an exceptional product that is appropriate for the hard-working, stay-at-home mom and the serious professional athlete alike.  V16 is a caffeine-free, effervescent drink designed to provide quick energy and mental focus.